Help Americans for Limited Government stop the big government politicians.

Thank you for signing our Demand to the House Leadership to Keep your Word. With your help we will keep the House Majority Leaders’ feet to the fire. They must know that we will not tolerate them breaking their faith with the American people.

Please help us to spread the word and add the voice of more outraged Americans to yours. While I hesitate to name an amount, I must ask you to make your maximum possible contribution to help us promote the values of our America.

If you can afford a gift of $2,000 or $1,500 or $1,000 it will go a long way towards meeting our goal of stopping dangerous government-expanding policies in their tracks, telling the truth to Americans, and turning the country around before it’s too late.

Or if you can only afford a gift of $500 or $250, or maybe $100 or $50, or $25 or even $15, please know that your contribution will be well and frugally used in this vital battle to save our nation.

Please, I must ask you to make your best possible gift now, while there is still time to turn around this great ship of state before we founder on the rocks and are gone forever. I deeply appreciate your support.

Thank you,
Nathan Mehrens
President, Americans for Limited Government

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